Tuesday, January 29, 2013

28-29 January

28 January - Monday
  Orientation for the school, nothing too exciting. There will be some cool trips though this semester so that will be awesome. They really have a lot of stuff for us to do besides classes, like ski trips to the French Alps that are 2 hours away or dance lessons, cooking, etc. My friends and I went to the Wohoo bar to see the weekly beer pong tournament they have. The winners get open bar but I think by that point you aren't in much need of one. It was 10 euros each person to enter so as long as you win a couple games you get your monies worth of cheap beer. I didn't play but cheered my friends on and hung out and had a good time. There were tons of people in a small place around 3 long tables. The bartender was a pretty funny young French guy that seemed to love dubstep so he would have little seizures every now and then that was his way of dancing to the music. Pretty entertaining. After that we hung out really late, even though some of us had 8:30 classes in the morning.

29 January - Tuesday
  Having class at 8:30 sucks, just as much if not more than it does back in the States, especially if it's French 101 and 2 hours long. It's fun learning French but pretty difficult. My house family is teaching me a French tongue twister that has something to do about a grey cat. It's a lot of growling in the back of your throat that I haven't been able to achieve yet. Pretty laughable, for them. I switched out of my second class of the day to one that is tomorrow that is about the French Occupation during WWII that is supposed to be cool and that travels places occasionally and I have a few friends in it so that should be fun. My Political Science class seems like it will be really sweet, it focuses on the EU and the professor sounds really cool. I napped in between classes for the first time in forever, I was just dead tired. On my way to class I grabbed a steak fritas so my stomach didn't eat a hole in itself. When I arrived to class my professor said that France has a very strange idea of sandwiches but that the steak fritas is one of their better interpretation. It's pretty much steak on a long hoagie type bun with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, French fries, and topped with sauce (in this case ketchup). It was cheap and very good.

  For dinner, we had an awesome Asian salmon dish with white rice and cooked vegetables. My host mom made an apple cake which was delicious and I definitely want to try to bake one sometime. Then to top it off I had my first crepe in France, topped with Nutella. Everything was so good, my host mom is a great cook. Sometime I would like to cook with her so I can learn everything to make back in the States! We practiced some more French words and the tongue twister thing and made some progress. I can make the gchrrr sound a little but it dries my throat out super fast and then I lost it. Oh well. I learned how the dogs name is spelled too. Ulmine. Another good day but going to finish it off with friends at the Wohoo bar for flag night where you paint your country's flag on your face to get a free drink or whatever, should be fun!

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